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Coming Soon!

Kimberling Cove Resort boat slip map

Boats are welcome!

Why drive over when you can bring your boat? The Goofy Goose Lakeside Bar & Grill offers temporary boat slips for our guests! Come on over!

Chicken Burger

"Thank for being such a fantastic location! My girlfriends and I came last night —halloween karaoke and costume night! Your staff is absolutely amazing—so incredibly welcoming and warm! We had a total blast—food was great which only added to the experience! We WILL be back again!"

-Krista LM

Beer Tap

"My family and I went to the Goofy Goose Lakeside Bar and Grill for the first time April 28. We loved it!! The restaurant, bathroom, decks, bar, and resort are super clean. The food was great and well priced. We ordered fried pickles, fried onion petals, burgers, wings, and Philly cheesesteak... We will be back!"

-Madison G

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